What is East Mountain UK?

Our Mission: East Mountain UK is a missional community which exists to help men and women take up their place in God’s Greater Story

Our vision: We long to see renewal, revival and missional movement happen again in Europe through the catalyst of renewed, revived and missional men and women of God. People who are impacted by life in authentic community, who live more deeply into their own story, who understand their place in God’s Greater Story and who lead out of this transformed and transforming kind of life.

Why Scotland: We see that, historically, Scotland has been a nation of great revival and renewal movements. Scotland has had more instances of significant revival in the last 500 years than any other nation on earth (according to Tom Lennie in Land of Many Revivals) and has disproportionately affected the world for the sake of the Gospel through these revivals. Scotland has also nurtured authentic Christian communities out of which arose waves of missionary movements. We believe that God is in the process of renewing this great legacy of revival and community and wishes to again use Scotland to play a part in His great plan for the ages! We desire to be catalytic to help give back to the people of Scotland something that is uniquely and powerfully theirs in Christ.

How do we do this?
*We partner with local ministries and Christian leaders for Kingdom impact
*We create innovative pathways for powerful experiences of transformation 
*We Join other East Mountain communities worldwide by following a common rule of life

Our East Mountain Rule of Life


As an East Mountain community, we share at least one meal a week. We believe that sharing a table together is a Kingdom value and that feasting reminds us of God’s goodness in our past, His provision in our present and the Great Feast which we will share together one day in the future at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:6-9).  Something special happens as we gather around food and conversation.  Life happens around the table!


We believe that God communicates through story. He has introduced the Great Story through His Word where he lays out the plan for His people from the Garden in Genesis 1 to the City of God in Revelation 21. We believe that He works through history and that our personal history is also important to Him. To that end, knowing our own story is important and a primary work of the community. Sharing our story with others takes vulnerability and a certain amount of risk. Without this risk, we cannot go deeper together. This delve into story helps us toward an understanding of where our personal stories and the story of our community together intersects with God’s Great Story.


The Bible is key to our life individually and collectively. We believe that God speaks most clearly through His Word. We read His Word together not only for intellectual understanding, but for encouragement, correction and direction (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We seek not only to master it but to be mastered by God’s Word.


A life of prayer, both personal and corporate, is essential to the life of the community (Ephesians 6:18). We want to hear from God and to seek Him together. We believe that prayer is not just a dry, communal exercise, but a chance to communicate with a real Person who has much to say to us! We also acknowledge that revival, that which we long to see in the UK and across Europe, always begins with a movement of prayer and repentance.


We are called to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). The outflow of our community life should always be toward others. We long to see others come into relationship with Jesus the Christ as saviour, with God the Father and with His Holy Spirit. This move toward discipleship may take many forms: acts of service, prayer, one on one discipleship, mentoring, friendship, seminars, etc. We are open to how the Spirit moves us toward others

Still confused about East Mountain?

This video produced for a Presbyterian group in the USA goes a long way to help explain what East Mountain is, how we operate and what we do.

East Mountain is worldwide community of missional communities.  

We exist in the United Kingdom, South Africa and the United States. 
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